USWWL Tracking

USWWL Tracking is a fully integrated, web-based logistics management system, designed to provide 24/7 access to data and information through a portal accessed with the use of an internet browser. Inside USWWL Tracking, our customers can look up information on a single shipment or track multiple shipments by filtering a number of shipment parameters. With this visibility, our customers can also access shipping documents, view standard reports, create custom reports, view invoicing, export data into spreadsheets and view account information.

Webtracker allows the user to view and manage information pertaining to a shipment such as the Origin/Destination, Ports, Milestones information as well as pertinent notes regarding the shipment status. Webtracker provides a standard visibility to a shipments milestones, as well as the ability to custom configure non-standard milestones.

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