OIA Cares

Sustainability Matters

OIA Cares is more than a phrase, we are envisioning a better world in service to our environment, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities by taking a holistic approach to the supply chain. We strive to exceed expectations in the most efficient and economical means possible, to turn limited resources into new opportunities.

  • Sustainability Initiative

    Discover more about OIA Global's sustainability initiative through our vision, our mission, our philosophy, our partnerships and memberships, our sustainability team, and our methods used to fulfill our strategy.

  • Transportation and Carrier Statistics

    Through participation in the BSR Clean Cargo Working Group, EPA SmartWay Certified carriers and some of the largest global air carriers, OIA Global has increased available sustainable carrier options for ocean, road, and air transportation.

  • Sustainability in Action

    OIA Global works with fully certified partners and programs for sustainability initiatives that minimize environmental impact to provide streamlined production, fulfillment, and scheduling to ensure greater product deliverability and increased marketing and branding opportunities.

  • Our Memberships

    OIA Global participates in non-profit groups, associations, and business memberships leading supply chain sustainability policies. As sustainability innovations and trends continue to grow, OIA Global monitors the changes through key memberships in global groups leading sustainability policies.

  • Social Responsibility

    Our extraordinary employees set an example of giving back to our global communities. Discover where OIA's employees have changed other people's lives for the better around the globe.

  • Community Engagement

    OIA representatives participate in public engagement, such as Portland State University's Graduate Program and sustainability conferences, to develop additional environmental initiatives to meet future sustainability requirements.

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